hello, it’s me

Muflih  Ahmed

Digital  Marketing  Consultant

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digital marketing consultant
muflih ahmed digital marketing consultant

hello, it’s me

Muflih  Ahmed

Digital  Marketing  consultant

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I am Muflih Ahmed,  a digital marketing consultant with one year of experience in digital marketing In Calicut Kerala.

As a digital marketing consultant, I bring a wealth of expertise in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. With a proven track record, I have successfully catered to the needs of diverse clients, leveraging my skills to enhance their online presence and drive results. 

I take pride in delivering client satisfaction and am an expert in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Digital Marketing tactics. With a proven track record, I’ve regularly carried out powerful SMM campaigns and offered SEO solutions that have left clients thrilled with the outcomes. Use my experience to improve your internet visibility, and let’s succeed together.


creative strategies

 Through compelling messaging and engaging content, I connect with audiences emotionally and drive action. My focus is on creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking to help individuals and businesses succeed in the competitive marketing landscape.

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 Through strategic campaign management, keyword optimization, and compelling ad copy, I help businesses achieve their advertising goals. My focus is on delivering measurable results and optimizing campaigns for maximum return on investment.


I specialize in SEO to help businesses thrive online. By enhancing their website’s visibility on search engines like Google, I ensure more people find them when searching related topics. Through keyword research, content optimization, and technical improvements, I drive increased website traffic, aiding businesses in navigating the competitive online landscape and achieving success.


I help brands shine online through smart social media strategies. By analyzing data and tweaking strategies, I aim for real, measurable results. Staying updated on trends, I adapt quickly to changes, ensuring clients see the best outcomes in their digital journey. My goal is simple: make your brand stand out and succeed online.


Muflih, our digital consultant, excelled with innovative strategies, surpassing expectations for campaign success. His communication fostered productivity, making him invaluable. Highly recommend his expertise!

Amal ashraf

web developer

For our company, collaborating with the top digital marketer in Kerala was a sea change. His keen insight and calculated approach greatly improved our web presence. We saw a significant increase in leads.


Performance marketer

I have known muflih since I joined the haris&co digital marketing agency he is a passionate marketer who loves to solve problems and is also a very creative thinger a man with lots of creative thoughts

Muhammed Sabith

haris&co smm specialist

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